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For translation, I charge by the word or the line in the source (German or French) text. A line consists of 55 keystrokes, including spaces. Price depends on the complexity of the text, format (MS Word, PowerPoint, hard copy, etc.) and turnaround time required. You will know in advance exactly how much the translation will cost.

With copy editing or proofreading, I charge an hourly rate. Once I have seen the text I can provide you with an estimate of how many hours it will take me to edit or proofread it.

To preserve client confidentiality, I do not provide samples of my work but I am happy to perform a short test translation (max. 300 words) for new customers.

My payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice, with payment by bank transfer.

"It gives me great pleasure to advise you that the work you completed on project X* (German to English) has been complimented by our quality management team. We at Wordbank would like to thank you specifically for providing us with this high level of quality and service delivery and let you know that we truly appreciate your efforts."

Claire Ingram, Wordbank Limited, London

* Project name deleted to preserve client confidentiality